Logan | Artistic + Urban Florida Senior Session | Class of 2018

I’m sitting down typing this while a storm rages outside (kudos to you, Irma), excited to bring this creative and light soaked session to you before my power goes out. Logan is another member of the fantastic Class of 2018, and this session set a new benchmark in terms of theming, new locations, energy, and all around creativity. We met on a warm and clear Florida day at a green, oak covered pathway and began the session. It didn’t take too long to be chased away by hordes of bloodthirsty mosquitoes (actual clouds of them were surrounding us, y’all) so we rerouted and tried out a brand new location- one that I’ve been wanting to use for a while but haven’t had the right opportunity- the bridge. We talked to the top of that thing, pushing aside all qualms about heights, and captured some really unique images. After descending, we rushed downtown where Spider-Man made an appearance, bystanders were amused, and we looked super cool running around and shooting.

Logan’s of the artistic type: he cosplays, is an up and coming actor, loves shooting and directing film projects, and is looking at attending the Savannah College of Art and Design next fall to double major in film and theater. He knew exactly what he was doing in front of the camera and was a blast to work with during his session. His dream job is to be a director, dream trip would be around the world to experience specific filming locations, and a perfect day would be spent with family and friends, adventuring outdoors and perhaps capping off the day with a Studio Ghibli movie. Logan, you’re a super cool dude and your shoot was a blast! I wish you all the best in whatever you set out to achieve!

Enjoy the images.

Have a wonderful Sunday, friends! Stay dry out there.

Quote of the day: “I am an evolving actor, I am in a sacred, safe, and supportive place. In this space I will challenge myself, study humanity and take risks, to perfect a performance I will perfect my lines. To to be the actor I want to be I will make mistakes. To understand a character, I will understand myself. Only in this dynamic struggle will I find my talent. I am an evolving actor.”
-Actors’ Creed.

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