Emily | Florida Golden Light Senior Session | Class of 2017

Golden light + a miniature library + a sweet senior make for a simply superb session. We met at our first location- Emily with an actual carload of books, along with a bow + arrow and Minnie Mouse ears- and began the trek into the slightly overgrown field which was perfectly gold and green thanks to the clear sky and sunshine. It was a perfect setting: we spread out a blanket and arranged the books all over it to make the idyllic, quiet afternoon scene. Emily and I share a love of books, Disney, and being out-of-doors in natural and woodsy places, and got along splendidly as we ventured through the field, chatting about debate teams, books, fall plans, and travel.

This fall, Emily will be heading off to the Hicks Honor College at the University of North Florida to study a plethora of subjects, such as international relations, astronomy, political science, chemistry, physics, and Spanish. She is an extremely bright gal and aspires to work at NASA, SpaceX, or the United Nations. We wrapped up our time under old oak trees with a little red wagon filled with books, under a sunset which capped off our time perfectly. Emily, your session is a highlight from this senior season, and I am excited for you and your new adventure in the fall! I wish you all the best.

Enjoy the images.

Have a restful weekend, friends! Read some books, make some tea, and spend your time well.

Quote of the day: “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”
-Anne Frank

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