At the Moment, 7-4-16

© Emily Walker Photography 2016

Happy Independence Day, folks! I hope your day is filled with thankfulness, good food, and fun times with friends. And fireworks, of course. I’ve been all over these past few months: Colorado, North Florida, and I’m finally back for a good bit before school starts in the fall (which is really weird to think about after being at Disney for a full semester!). Between parasailing and hiking mountains, I had the opportunity to do a few sessions (one of which was Ashlie’s^), and I’m looking forward to more later this summer. At the moment, I’m…

-Really, really, really missing the DCP and all of the friends I made there. It’s strange to be so involved in something for such a long time and then return home. Honestly, it feels like the entire program never happened or it was just a dream, but the dozens of trinkets and hundreds of photos I acquired while on the program prove otherwise.
-Trying to figure out my college classes for the fall and life in general. One’s easier than the other.
-Enjoying the beach immensely. Summer has fully arrived!
-Eating way too much Chick-Fil-A. Kids’ meals are truly the way to go if you aren’t too hungry or just want a snack. Plus, you can turn in that toy for a small ice cream. Win-win.

That’s pretty much it for me! It’ll be nice to get back into a routine in the fall, but for now I’m enjoying a lazy summer. Happy Fourth of July!

Quote of the day: “Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.”
-Louis D. Brandeis

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