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During the summer of 2012, I was an intern at a local photography studio. My primary job was to categorize local businesses’ contact information in a comprehensive excel spreadsheet. This was not nearly as torturous as it sounds because I am one of those people who enjoys organizing and cleaning up data. Who knows: maybe I should be a statistician.

I was young and had not begun photographing clients in a professional capacity, but had stuck to afternoon photo-shoots with friends and family. When I say afternoon, I really do mean those hours of 11-3pm which are not ideal for any sort of outdoor, natural light portraiture. All I knew is that I loved golden light and warm tones in photos.

Back to the studio. After entering data for the day, I had an interview with the photographer who owned the studio. He asked those existential photographic questions: “Why do you like photography? Is this what you want to do- own your own business?” And asked some general questions about style. I fumbled through my thoughts and tried to make my responses sensible- to any degree- but once he got to the queries about photographic style, I knew exactly how I wanted my photos to look.

“I like having my photos look warm. Just… that yellow-ish glow makes them look happy and that’s what I like best.”

If we ignore my lack of knowledge of technical terms (golden hour, a warmer white balance) and awkward phrasing, my answer is almost identical to what I would say today. Warm and golden photos make my happy. That light provides life to images and adds an element that no other lighting setup can even begin to bring to the proverbial table. Well, I still might not be as articulate as I would like, but I will let my photos speak instead. Today I’m showcasing photos that haven’t seen the light of the internet for a good bit of time in order to track the evolution of my style from amateur to not-so-amateur.

I can share these images now with fondness, even though the lack of experience at the first and earliest point is cringe worthy. These are from one of my first photo-shoots with my friend, Allison, circa June of 2011.


Fast forwarding to November of 2011, I had discovered the golden hour and Lightroom presets. Both are wonderful things.


We’re getting closer to my current style, but it’s not quite there yet. These next few are from June 2013, almost exactly two years after our first photo-session.

Allison-6-2013-Emily-Walker-Photography Allison-6-2013-Emily-Walker-Photography-2 Allison-6-2013-Emily-Walker-Photography-3 Allison-6-2013-Emily-Walker-Photography-5-6 Allison-6-2013-Emily-Walker-Photography-5-7 Allison-6-2013-Emily-Walker-Photography-6-7

And my most recent shoot with Allison was a part of my 2014 project: April of 2014, and they’re pretty darn near close to how I have my style now.

Allison-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-2014-8 Allison-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-2014-12-13 Allison-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-2014-18 Allison-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-2014-20-21 Allison-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-2014-23 Allison-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-2014-25 Allison-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-2014-36-37 Allison-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-2014-35 Allison-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-2014-54

Comparing the first set of photos from June 2011 to the ones from April 2014 isn’t actually something I have done until now. Really. I’m thankful for those who have helped me fine-tune my style and have believed in my abilities enough to let me photograph their families and senior sessions. I’ll wrap up this trip down memory lane with a few of my more recently captured moments.

© Emily Walker Photography 2015Maggie-McDivitt-Emily-Walker-Photography-6-7© Emily Walker Photography 2015© Emily Walker Photography 2015© Emily Walker Photography 2015© Emily Walker Photography 2015© Emily Walker Photography 2015greveria-ewar-senior-photographer-emily-walker-photography-40-41© Emily Walker Photography 2015

Have a wonderful day, y’all.

Quote of the day: “We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.”
-Lynn Hall

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