Morgan Bromer, Class of 2016

Meet Morgan. She’s a ukulele playing doll of a gal and digs beach days with family and friends. Hillsong United and Bethel Music are her main jams, alongside any music that was made in the 80s. (Safety Dance, anyone?) She’s a kind, joyful soul and lives to glorify God in everything she does. After graduation, Morgan will be heading off to Palm Beach Atlantic University.

What a way to start off senior season! Morgan’s shoot was officially my first senior shoot of the year, and it was absolutely perfect. In the midst of a week of downpours, we were treated to a day filled with brilliant light and lovely weather. I was ecstatic. In true Florida fashion it was extremely warm, but Morgan was a champ and didn’t let it bother her. We had the best of times chatting + laughing throughout the shoot, and I adore the images from that day. Morgan, you are the absolute sweetest, and I wish you all the best in whatever you set out to achieve!

Enjoy the images.

morgan-senior-florida-photographer-1BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-2BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-3BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-4BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-5BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-6BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-7BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-8BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-9BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-10BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-11BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-12BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-13BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-14BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-15BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-16BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-17BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-18BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-19BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-20BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-21BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-22BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-23BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-24BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-24BLOG-2 morgan-senior-florida-photographer-25BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-27BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-28BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-29BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-30BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-31BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-33BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-33BLOG-2 morgan-senior-florida-photographer-34BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-35BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-35BLOG-2 morgan-senior-florida-photographer-36BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-38BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-39BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-40BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-40BLOG-2 morgan-senior-florida-photographer-41BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-42BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-43BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-44BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-44BLOG-2 morgan-senior-florida-photographer-46BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-48BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-49BLOG morgan-senior-florida-photographer-50BLOG

Have a great week, friends!

Quote/verse of the day: “God has perfect timing – never early, never late. It takes patience and a lot of faith, but it’s always worth the wait.”

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