Libby | Colorado Mini-Shoot

Folks, I’ve been excessively traveling this summer. From Colorado to D.C., the Keys and up to Northern Florida, I’ve barely had time to check in with my family before rushing to another place. While this explains the scarcity of blog posts on my end, my senior season begins soon and you’ll be seeing more shoots then.

Flying and riding and visiting has been wonderful, however, and I’m happy to share a mini-session I was able to fit in during my time in Colorado. Libby was a fellow student out at a summer camp in CO, and we had an extra minute to snap some pictures downtown one day. She’s a super neat person and digs singing and playing the guitar, and I’m thrilled to share the photos with y’all today.

Enjoy the images!

libby-blog-1 libby-blog-2 libby-blog-4 libby-blog-4-2 libby-blog-5 libby-blog-6 libby-blog-7 libby-blog-8 libby-blog-9 libby-blog-9-2 libby-blog-10

Thanks for sticking with me over the hiatus, and I’ll be back later this summer with new shoots!

Quote of the day: “Great things are done when men and mountains meet; This is not done by jostling in the street.”
-William Blake

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