Cali Gumpel, Class of 2015

Meet Cali. She’s an outdoorsy, endless-summer type of girl and an all around lovely human being. Cali embodies the sun and surf ways of her namesake state and can be found skimboarding and surfing in her free time. Taylor Swift and 1975 are her main jams, she digs the movie Pretty in Pink, and would love to live in Hawaii. After graduation this spring, she plans on attending South Florida State College to study nursing and paramedic.

This shoot was flawless; everything from the weather to light and locations were spot on. Cali is a runner for a nearby high school, and we were granted access to shoot on the track. Shooting out there was an absolute thrill! We had a great time during the session and I’m over the moon excited to share these pictures with y’all today. Cali, you’re a stellar person and I wish you all the best in your future!

Enjoy the images.

cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-1BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-2BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-3BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-4BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-5BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-6BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-8BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-8BLOG-2 cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-9BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-10BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-11BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-12BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-13BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-14BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-15BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-16BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-17BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-18BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-19BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-20BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-21BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-22BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-23BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-24BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-25BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-26BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-27BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-28BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-29BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-30BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-31BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-32BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-33BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-33BLOG-2 cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-34BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-34BLOG-2 cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-35BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-38BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-39BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-40BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-41BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-42BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-43BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-44BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-45BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-46BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-47BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-48BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-49BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-50BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-51BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-52BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-53BLOG cali-gumpel-emily-walker-photography-54BLOG

Have a great week, friends! Live it to the fullest.

Quote/verse of the day: “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'”
-Jeremiah 29:11

One thought on “Cali Gumpel, Class of 2015

  1. I love these Emily! The black and white shot of Cali walking on the beach with the surf board really made me interested in her story.

    The first few shots were the standard “Hey. I’m pretty.” senior portraits I think everyone expects from us photographers, which we may feel obligated to deliver to our clients, and isn’t a bad thing at all. Once I saw the blank and white image with the surfboard, however, I was drawn in and almost compelled to look at the rest of the images. I love the action shots of Cali running as well. Those along with the surf board images seem to tell more about Cali and who she is as a person. I think that’s our goal when shooting senior portraits and you’ve done a fantastic job capturing who she is.

    Great job!

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