Becky Morrison, Class of 2015

Meet Becky. She’s a lover of old movies and nature, cookie dough ice cream and Jesus. Her main jam is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and she loves the movie Giant. After graduating from high school this spring, she plans on pursuing a career as a massage therapist.

This shoot was golden, and so was the light. Becky and I had a great time venturing through the woods while talking about college, life, and the Christmas play in which we both participated. The weather was gorgeous, and everything went spectacularly. Becky, you’re a fantastic person and I wish you the best in your future.

Enjoy the images.

Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-1BLOG Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-2BLOG Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-4BLOG Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-4BLOG-2 Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-6BLOG Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-6BLOG-2 Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-7BLOG Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-8BLOG Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-9BLOG Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-10BLOG Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-11BLOG Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-12BLOG Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-13BLOG Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-14BLOG Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-15BLOG Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-16BLOG Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-17BLOG Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-18BLOG Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-19BLOG Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-20-21 Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-22BLOG Becky-Morrison-Emily-Walker-Photography-23BLOG

Have a great rest of your week, friends! I hope it’s filled with sunshine and everyday adventures.

Quote/verse of the day: “For a brief moment I forsook you, but with great compassion I will gather you.”
-Isaiah 54:7

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