Tyler Chnupa, Class of 2015

Tyler is a bubbly, enthusiastic and golden person; her personality gushes color and a vivaciousness unmatched by most. She’s a stellar artist and painting is her choice of artistic medium. In addition to painting, she digs reading and playing softball. Her musical choices lean towards a more indie rock sound- her favorite artist is The Killers, with The Black Keys coming in second place. Come fall, Tyler will be heading up to Anderson University, Indiana, and will play collegiate softball while there.

We had a great time on this shoot. Tyler was a real trooper and marched through the Florida brush to get some sunkissed images. The weather was cool and crisp and Fall-like. Everything came together perfectly, from the weather to the light, and allowed us to relax and have a great time during the session. Tyler, you rock my socks and I know you’ll succeed in anything you set out to accomplish.

Enjoy the images.

tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-1BLOG tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-2BLOG tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-3BLOG tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-5BLOG tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-5BLOG-2 tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-6BLOG tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-8-9BLOG tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-9BLOG tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-9-BLOG-2 tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-10BLOG tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-12BLOG tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-13-14BLOG tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-15BLOG tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-16BLOG tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-17BLOG tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-18BLOG tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-19BLOG tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-20BLOG tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-20BLOG-2 tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-21BLOG tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-23BLOG tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-24BLOG tyler-chnupa-emily-walker-photography-25BLOG

Go out and live your week to the fullest!

Quote/verse of the day: “For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son, that whomsoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
-John 3:16

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