Emily Miller, Class of 2015

“I brought some glitter. Do you want to get some shots with glitter?”

“YES! I love glitter.”

Emily Miller is an enthusiastic, warmhearted, and all-around fantastic human being. She gives 110% to whatever she does, whether she’s playing soccer or singing on her youth group’s worship team. We played soccer on the same team for two years and I can attest to her mad defending skills. Jesus Culture, Hillsong, and Michael Bublé are her choice of jams, and in her off-time she enjoys sitting back and watching So You Think You Can Dance and Survivor with her family. She’s set her sights on attending Palm Beach Atlantic in the fall to study Elementary Education.

First things first in the shoot: we got our amazing glittery photos and then came to the realization that glitter adheres itself to everything. Everything. The next ten minutes were spent picking off individual pieces of glitter from Emily’s hair, skin, and clothing. Note to fellow photographers: get those glitter shots later on in the session. As you might know, Florida weather can be a real headache, and the preceding few weeks before Emily’s session were filled with wind, overcast skies, and bucket loads of rain. The atmospheric conditions on the day of her shoot, however, were absolutely perfect; we were blessed with gorgeous, clear skies and sunshine. Emily, I know you’re going to conquer anything you set out to do, and I wish you all the best in your future.

Enjoy the images.

emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-1 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-2 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-3 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-4 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-4-5 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-5 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-6 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-8 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-9 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-11 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-11-2 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-12 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-13 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-14 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-15 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-16emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-15-2 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-16 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-19 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-20-21 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-22 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-23 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-24 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-25 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-26 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-28 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-29 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-29-2 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-30 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-31 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-32emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-33-34 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-35 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-36 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-38 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-38-2 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-39 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-40 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-41 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-42-43 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-44 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-45 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-46 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-47 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-48 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-49-50 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-51 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-53 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-54 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-55 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-59 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-60 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-61 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-62 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-62-2 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-63 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-64 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-65 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-66 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-67 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-68 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-69 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-70 emily-miller-emily-walker-photography-florida-71

Have a fantastic weekend, friends!

Quote/verse of the day: “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”
-2 Corinthians 4:16-18

6 thoughts on “Emily Miller, Class of 2015

  1. Emma you look stunning !!! You look like a model!!!! I love you so much !!! I hope some day I can be at least half as pretty as you !! You are such an inspiration !!
    😘 stay beautiful !!!

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