Photography Project July: Kaela

“What’s your favorite color?”


Kaela is pure sunshine that has incomprehensibly taken human form. A natural conversationalist, she shares memories and stories with flair and effortlessly elicits laughter from those lucky enough to be listening. I’ve known Kaela since middle school, and more recently we played on the same soccer team. She can be found outside on her property shooting goals (because fútbol), taking care of her sheep, or kayaking. Michael Bublé, Switchfoot, and Juan Luis Guerra are her main jams, and she lives by the Bible verse Matthew 26:39.

The day before the photoshoot was gloriously sunny, but Florida weather is tragically fickle and the day of the shoot was overcast and rainy. The rain let up, however, so we took those gray skies and rolled with it. With style, too. We were able to boat out to an island in the river for a portion of our time, and I adore how the images turned out. Major props to my dad for getting us out there!

These pictures make me smile, and I hope you love them as well.kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-3 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-4 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-5 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-5-2 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-6 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-6-2 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-7 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer--8 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-09 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-10 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-11 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-12 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-13 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-13-2 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer--14 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-15 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-16 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-19 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-20 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-21 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-22 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-22-2 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-23 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-23-2 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-24 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-26 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-27 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-27-2 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-28 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-29 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-29-2 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-30 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-32 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-34 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-34-2 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-37 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-37-3 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-38 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-39 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-41 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-41-2 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-42 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-44kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-43 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-47 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-46 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-48 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-49 kaela-emily-walker-photography-florida-photographer-50

I hope you have a fantastic and memorable day.

Quote/Verse of the day: “Going a little farther, he fell with his face to the ground and prayed, ‘My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.'”
-Matthew 26:39

8 thoughts on “Photography Project July: Kaela

  1. Emily, wow. Thank you soooo much for an incredible time and incredible pictures! I am so blessed that God brought us together to be friends; you mean so much to me! I can’t thank you enough for letting me be a part of this! You are soo incredibly talented and, well, wow. Thanks so much!

    • Kaela, you are SO welcome! Thank you for your kind words- you’re the sweetest. 🙂 I had the most amazing time on the shoot and I’m glad you did as well. ❤

  2. Dear Emily,
    You have such a gift for for photography! I was a fashion model for 30 years or so, working all over the world in big cities like New York, Tokyo, Paris, etc. The quality of your pics rival some of the best photographers I worked with through my career. Really top rate!
    Your pics of Sam and Kaela have brought so much joy to me and, I know, to them too. Thank you so much!!
    Bill Burch

    • Thank you ever so much for your generous and kind words, Mr. Burch! Sam and Kaela are some of the best people I know and I’m glad that their pictures have made you smile. Thanks again! 🙂

  3. Dear Emily,
    You are the BEST! I was so thrilled to see those excellent photos of my grandchildren, Kaela and Sam. What an amazing talent you have! Know you’ll be a STAR, if that’s what you decide to do as your profession.
    Barbara Burch

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