Photography Project June: My Travels

As the old adage goes, “rules are made to be broken.” Being a type-A person, this is a hard saying to swallow. For me, June was packed with traveling, laughter, midnight kayaking, beachwalking, sunshine, snorkeling, and mango milkshakes. I tried my best to get a shoot planned, but realized it wouldn’t be feasible. Take a look for yourself:

June 1st-4th: Graduation aftermath.
June 5th-15th: Flew to visit friends in North Florida.
June  16th-21st: Every day visits with long-time friends back in my hometown.
June 22nd-27th: Family vacation in the Florida keys.

This, of course, only left the 28th and 29th for shooting, but shooting, editing, and whipping together a blog post the next day is a near impossible feat, and would’ve caused more stress than it was worth.

So instead, I’m taking a new direction for June and I’m sharing my photo travel journal with y’all. Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-01 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-02 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-3 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-04 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-05 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-06 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-06-2 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-09 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-9-2 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-10Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-10+2 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-11 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-12 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-14 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-15 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-16 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-17 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-18 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-18-2 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-19Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida21 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-22 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-23 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-24 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-25 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-26 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-27 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-28 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-29Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-29-2 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-30Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-31 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-33 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-33-2 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-34 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-35 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-36 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-37 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-38 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-38-2 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-39Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-39-2 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-40 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-41 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-44 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-45 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-46 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-47 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-48 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-49 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-50 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-51 Emily-walker-photography-travel-florida-52

There you have it- my life in pictures over the last month. I hope your summer has been filled with adventures and sunshine as well.

Sidenote: July has also been incredibly busy thus far. I attended an awesome string camp from June 30th-July 5th, but from here on out the calendar is pretty empty, excepting a camping trip later this month. I am back on track to shoot my July monthly project, and it’s going to be amazing. Stay tuned!

Quote of the day: “Adventure is worthwhile.”

6 thoughts on “Photography Project June: My Travels

  1. Amazing . . . I really enjoyed your photos. Continue to have an amazing summer!
    “Life is not measured by the number of breaths that you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”

  2. I can’t decide if I want that picture of the mangoes on my wall or if I just want that mango on my plate! Gorgeous pictures!

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