Let the Music Play

I had the amazing opportunity to photograph some of the local high school orchestra’s seniors the other day- and let me tell you- they’re quite the outstanding group of kids. Last night was their end of the season concert and they performed Superman Returns, “Montagues and Capulets,” from Romeo & Juliet, and “Mars” from The Planets, amongst other flawlessly executed pieces. It was a stellar way to end their high school music career.

Enjoy the images!Orchestra-emily-walker-photography-music-violin-viola-cello-bass-01Orchestra-emily-walker-photography-music-violin-viola-cello-bass-2 Orchestra-emily-walker-photography-music-violin-viola-cello-bass-3 Orchestra-emily-walker-photography-music-violin-viola-cello-bass-4 Orchestra-emily-walker-photography-music-violin-viola-cello-bass-5 Orchestra-emily-walker-photography-music-violin-viola-cello-bass-6 Orchestra-emily-walker-photography-music-violin-viola-cello-bass-7 Orchestra-emily-walker-photography-music-violin-viola-cello-bass-8 Orchestra-emily-walker-photography-music-violin-viola-cello-bass-9

I hope you’re having a wonderful week.

Quote of the day: “Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music.”
-Ronald Reagan

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