Elzaan Argenio, Class of 2014

Elzaan is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She has run a Disney half marathon and loves to bake in her free time. She will be attending Indian River State College this fall and aspires to major in Sports Management to work towards her dream job of assisting in making managerial decisions within a sports franchise. Elzaan is smart as a whip and we had an excellent time during both parts of the shoot.

Florida weather is so fickle. After postponing Elzaan’s shoot two times, we finally set a date, hoping the weather would cooperate. When the day of the shoot rolled around the sky was oppressively overcast, but optimism won out and on went the show. After shooting for almost an hour Florida showed its ugly side and it started to pour, so we quickly set another date to make up for the rained out session. The make-up date boasted gorgeous weather, much to our relief. Elzaan, you’re an amazing individual and I wish you the best in your future!

Enjoy the images.

Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-1 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-2-3 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-4 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-5-6 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-7 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-8 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-9-11 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-10 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-12 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-13Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-14 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-16-17 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-15 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-18 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-19-20 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-21 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-22 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-23 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-24-25 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-26 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-27Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-28 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-29-30 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-31 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-32 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-33 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-33-2 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-34 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-36-38 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-37 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-39 Elzaan-emily-walker-photography-senior-40

If you’re interested in booking a senior shoot, just click here to drop me a line.

Have a productive Monday, friends!

Quote of the day: “What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


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