Photography Project March: Emily

Meet Emily. Country music (Blake Shelton, to be precise) is her thing and 4-H is her life. She’s outgoing, loves to laugh, and works hard at everything she does. After I chose the fair to be the location of my March shoot and was considering people to model, Emily was the first person who came to mind. There was really no decision to be made- she practically lives at the fair during the week it’s in town. She participates in the swine competition part of the fair and is there in her off-time to support her fellow 4-H-ers and friends.

I get the chance to do things I couldn’t have imagined doing. I also get to meet new friends, young and old, and see all the animals.

Out of all the different types of fair food, cheese fries are her favorite. Her life verse is Jeremiah 29:11 and she lives by the motto, “Stay Strong”. This shoot was über fun and boasted a brand new location and unparalleled golden light at sunset. Enjoy the images.emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-2 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-13-5 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-4 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-6 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-7 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-8 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-910-11 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-12 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-13 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-14 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-15 16-17emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-20 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-21 18-19emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-22 23-24 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-2526-27 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-28 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-29 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-30 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-31 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-32 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-33 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-34emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-35 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-36 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-37 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-38 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-39 emily-photography-project-emilywalkerphotography-carnival-40

Quote/Verse of the day: “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'”

One thought on “Photography Project March: Emily

  1. Hi Emily! I just love your project! What a sweet fun girl Emily is! It’s always seemed that people who are directly connected to animals and nature in general are quite special and have depth! Enjoyed the cool images and, by the way, that is my favorite verse as well! Keep on shoot in’!

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