Sounds For Sore Ears

music-favorite-blog-emily-walker-photographyHave you ever had ear fatigue? When I ran the Disney marathon, miles 17-26.2 were torturous because all of my music sounded the same and just blah. The music on my iPhone usually picks me up and keeps me running, but not this time. Since then I’ve expanded my musical horizons, but I want to share some of my all time favorite artists with you today.

Jars of Clay. I mentioned JOC in an earlier post, but I’m going to elaborate. I’ve been listening to them since I was 10 years old and I still love their music. Their latest album, Inland, is my new favorite and you’ll be remiss if you don’t give it a listen. With a more organic feel, Inland is a change of sound from their previous albums, but they’ve managed to keep their signature touch through every release.
Favorite track at the moment: Smoke and Mirrors (From their album, Good Monsters).

Joshua Powell & the Great Train Robbery. There really is no surprise here. Besides being good friends of mine, they also boast impressive lyrical ingenuity and a rockin’ live show. There’s no bias- they’re just that good. Man Is Born For Trouble is my favorite album from them, but it wins only by a small margin; all of their folk-rock infused albums are stellar. (I also did a photo shoot with them recently! Check it out here.)
Favorite track at the moment: Tide and Tacklebox.

Phil Wickham. If you’re looking for some great and refreshing Christian music, look no further than Phil Wickham. His voice is amazing and his music is unique and outside of the typical contemporary Christian genre. Definitely give him a listen. My favorite album of his right now is The Ascension.
Favorite track at the moment: The Time Is Now (From his album, Heaven & Earth).

Rend Collective Experiment. Although they’re going by just Rend Collective now, I’ll always know them as Rend Collective Experiment. They’re an Irish band that plays whimsical instruments and loves Jesus. All of their music makes me want to dance, wear bright colors and be outside in the sunshine holding a bunch of balloons. It’s happy music. Their album, Campfire, is my favorite and they’re releasing a new album on the 17th! SO EXCITED. And I never type in all caps.
Favorite track at the moment: Build Your Kingdom Here (Campfire album version).

Murray Gold/ Howard Shore/ David Arnold & Michael Price. You knew the nerdy category was coming, and here it is in its full and unabashed geeky glory. Murray Gold is the genius behind the soundtracks from the 2005-onwards Doctor Who, Howard Shore is the prodigy responsible for both The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit soundtracks, and David Arnold & Michael Price are the absolutely fantastic composers behind BBC’s Sherlock. The feel and essence of a show or movie is communicated through its soundtrack, which is why I love them so much. Schoolwork seems to go faster when I have music, but lyrics can sometimes detract from the learning experience. Movie and show soundtracks, besides being excellently orchestrated, are great background music for any activity.

There you have it- a sampling of my favorite music. If you have some artists who you particularly love, let me know in a comment below. I’d love to discover some fantastic new music!

Quote of the day: “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”
-Victor Hugo

2 thoughts on “Sounds For Sore Ears

  1. I love your list Emily! Hans Zimmer (Howard Shore like composer is very cool) and MercyMe (jars of clay like Christian band) are someof my favorites 🙂

    • Thanks, Micah! MercyMe is really great and my sister loves to play along on her cello to Hans Zimmer’s Pirates of The Caribbean soundtrack. 🙂

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