What To Post When You Have Nothing To Say

blog-blogging-advice-emily-walker-photography-1Have you ever awakened with a feeling of dread because today is your day to blog and there’s absolutely nothing about which to blog? Call it Blogger’s Block or lack of inspiration, but I’ve dealt with this, too. For instance, if you post twice a week and your previous post was a standout photo session, what can you possibly blog about the next time? Well, no worries! Here are some suggestions of things to blog when you have nothing to say.

Updates. Make an update series and post under that category 1-2 times a month, depending on how frequently you post. People want to know about you and your life, so let them in and tell them what’s going on.

A New Series. Start a new blog series about things that interest you or subjects that fall under one general category. Come up with a catchy name and clear direction and go for it. Make sure you explain it to your audience, though.

Fun Facts or Quotes. You really can’t go wrong with this one. People love cool, fun and unique facts, so scour the internet for some interesting tidbits each under four sentences and you’re good to go.

Behind the Scenes or Outtakes. I love behind the scenes material, and others do as well. Have an assistant snap a few photos when you’re shooting or doing what you do, and share them on your blog. Outtakes are also winners because no one is perfect. The sooner you show others the photos that aren’t featured because of technical flubs or subject expressions (funny faces!) you’ll connect even more with your audience. Couple some outtakes with the photo that did make the cut and add an explanation of what you changed and how you changed it for a great topic. This leads me to my next idea…

Tips, Tricks, and Technical-Know-How. Let your blog be a place to share the information that you’ve gathered through learning from others! Share things that make shoots or what you blog about easier, more streamlined, and efficient. If you’re brave, do a before-and-after post and share how you edited an image from start to finish.

Reviews. If you use a camera strap, guitar stand, or type of cookie pan you absolutely adore, write up a review with the pros/cons and accompanying pictures. Share how you use it, why you like it (be specific) and where others can find it as well.

Lists. I love making lists: to-do lists, favorite blog lists, favorite book lists- you name it. Share your favorite blogs, books, musicians or other things on your blog for others to discover. Start a conversation about what you love and help your audience experience it.

These are just a few recommendations for blog topics. I hope these help you when you’re looking at an empty text box with nothing coming to mind about which to write.

Do you have any fallback ideas for blogging? Let me know in the comments below; I can’t wait to hear from you!

Quote of the day: “Writer’s block doesn’t exist…lack of imagination does.”
-Cyrese Covelli

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