A Lesson In Branding

branding-1A brand is comprised of experiences, memories and feelings about a certain person/company and their product. Building a strong brand and being able to maintain it is crucial for every business, small or large, so I’m going to blog about a successful business every so often and analyze how they brand and why it’s working for them.

First up is The Fresh Market. If we start by breaking down their name, we get fresh and market. Let’s call these words their branding words, or how they want their customers to feel while shopping at their store. The two most important things about a store are the experiences when you walk in and out of their doors. Just like a good sentence or paragraph, start with a bang and end with something memorable.

When I walked into their store, I noticed how it was cool, but not cold. Although the temperature of the store doesn’t sound like much to bother about, would you like to shop in a store where it’s warm? Probably not. This directly correlates with fresh. On top of that, all of their produce, which besides being displayed excellently, looks fresh and colorful. I saw no wilting vegetables or smooshy apples. How many points do I get for using the word smooshy in a blog post? Moving forward. The other aspects that contributed to fresh are their clean floors and displays, the non-chemical smell inside (the store smelled fresh), and the color scheme of different greens.

For the word market, I didn’t have to look farther than their decor. Their store’s theme is centered around wood and green. Wood paneling, wooden crates for the produce and green awnings around the meat and cheese departments. Coupled with the tungsten lights, which cast a nice warm color on everything instead of nasty fluorescent lights, I felt as if an outdoor farmer’s market was planted inside a building. Atop each refrigerated case are different old fashioned items. There’s a rocking chair, soda crate, and flower display on top of one. All of their produce signs are handwritten, which is a nice touch.

As I began to walk towards the check out lines, I had to pass stellar displays of old-fashioned candy in clear, shiny jars. This makes it extremely hard to check out without indulging in some sweets. That is memorable. Nowadays the online equivalent is to offer cheap items when you view your cart, but I believe this is more effective. The checkout lines are situated underneath wooden pergolas, which adds to the overall essence of the market. Also, the cashiers are friendly, fast and knowledgeable, which is a relief because I had a schedule to keep.

Overall, everything in the store was purposely there to support The Fresh Market’s brand. It should be the same with your business- do everything you do with your brand in mind. Leave no stone unturned and no detail overlooked. This is how strong brands are built and maintained for years.

I hope you’re having a great week, and stay tuned for the February installment of my project on Friday!

Quote of the day: “Authentic brands don’t emerge from marketing cubicles or advertising agencies. They emanate from everything the company does.”
-Howard Schultz

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