Senior Snow Trip

You don’t hear about snow trips every day. I would’ve called this post, “Senior Ski Trip,” except we didn’t ski, we played in the snow. Now that the title is justified, let’s take a look at last week’s trip. Thirteen hours in the car is daunting to someone who hasn’t gone further than three in any given direction, but thankfully the trip up was divided into two parts. Thursday was filled with driving and some good old fashioned car games (I brought to camp, an avatar, bear, camera, dog…). The next day we packed up and left Savannah, GA while we were pre-caffeinated the sun was still new. Fast forward a few hours to lunch, where- and quite honestly, I don’t know in which city we ate- I met another runner who ran the Disney marathon as well. Small world.

We pulled in the snowy Tennessee driveway that boasted a 45 degree slope at 4pm, ecstatic to find fresh, powdery snow covering the entire front lawn and side yards. After haphazardly hurriedly unpacking the cars, we bundled up and played in the snow. Floridians have an uncanny attraction to the white, wet stuff and if any locals had seen us, I bet they would’ve laughed their sides off. I learned how not to slide on the ice, and how much getting hit with a snowball hurts. We ended the day with some good eatin’ and a knowledge that we didn’t have to set an alarm for the next day.

Well, there was a forecasted 100% chance of snow for Saturday at 12am, so anxious not to miss falling snow, I set an alarm. Sorry again to those I woke up. Unfortunately there was no snow, but I was too tired to be disappointed. The next day we ate a breakfast of champions while watching the sleet come down outside. Sleet. Twenty minutes later, though, snow started falling. Real honest to goodness snow. We went outside and played for a long while. I was amazed at how I could see the individual snowflakes and how each one of them is unique. For me, that was definitely the highlight of the trip.

We went ice skating later that day, and I’m proud to say I didn’t fall at all. Thank goodness for handrails, though. We skated for a while and then headed back to the “cabin” to relax. After dinner we all sat in a circle and I got to play the mafia game for the first time, which was seriously fun. After two rounds we all went to bed, super tired but happy. Sunday was filled with some competitive tubing and hiking, where we found a beautiful creek and a legit waterfall. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. After a rowdy game of apples to apples, we all packed our bags and headed off to bed. We departed our cabin at 7am the next morning, and drove thirteen hours straight back home.

I’m so thankful to have gone on the trip and I can’t wait to travel again. Enjoy the images.

senior-snow-trip-01 senior-snow-trip-02 senior-snow-trip-03 senior-snow-trip-04 senior-snow-trip-05 senior-snow-trip-06 senior-snow-trip-07 senior-snow-trip-09 senior-snow-trip-08 senior-snow-trip-10senior-snow-trip-11 senior-snow-trip-12 senior-snow-trip-13 senior-snow-trip-14 senior-snow-trip-15 senior-snow-trip-16 senior-snow-trip-17 senior-snow-trip-18 senior-snow-trip-20senior-snow-trip-19-22 senior-snow-trip-21 senior-snow-trip-23 senior-snow-trip-24 senior-snow-trip-25-26 senior-snow-trip-27 senior-snow-trip-28 senior-snow-trip-29 senior-snow-trip-30 senior-snow-trip-31senior-snow-trip-32 senior-snow-trip-33 senior-snow-trip-34 senior-snow-trip-35-38 senior-snow-trip-36 senior-snow-trip-37 senior-snow-trip-39 senior-snow-trip-40 senior-snow-trip-41 senior-snow-trip-42senior-snow-trip-43 senior-snow-trip-44 senior-snow-trip-45 senior-snow-trip-46 senior-snow-trip-47 senior-snow-trip-48 senior-snow-trip-49 senior-snow-trip-50 senior-snow-trip-51 senior-snow-trip-52senior-snow-trip-53 senior-snow-trip-54 senior-snow-trip-55 senior-snow-trip-56 senior-snow-trip-57-58 senior-snow-trip-59 senior-snow-trip-60 senior-snow-trip-61

Have a wonderful week!

Quote of the day: “Remember what Bilbo used to say: It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” – JRR Tolkien

2 thoughts on “Senior Snow Trip

  1. Total amazing photography . . . next best thing to ‘being there’. Years ago our first trip to Gatlinburg 36 inches of snow fell over night . . . first time in 100 years and we were there. Since we are from PA it was fun to see Floridians enjoy the snow for the first time [no one on the bus trip had packed for snow ;( but we learned to ‘make do’] time was extended due to the closing of Gatlinburg, which lacked the proper snow removal equipment 🙂 You had perfect weather to take photography for others to enjoy. I wish I had your God given talent to see His creation through the lens of your camera. Keep it up! I love it. Vikki

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