At The Moment, 2-19-14

at-the-moment-blog-emilywalkerphotography-1I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. There’s a bunch of stuff going on over here and the easiest way to encapsulate it is to make an “At The Moment” post. With that being said…

At the moment, I’m:
-Getting ready for February’s shoot and an upcoming senior shoot, which are both going to be amazing. Stay tuned!
-Wishing I had the means and know-how to travel. Road tripping to TN was amazing and now I have a bad case of wanderlust. Craigslist’s RV section doesn’t help, either. Dangit.
-Catching up on statistics. Nothing more needs to be said.
-Realizing how precious quality time with my family is. Tomorrow isn’t going to be the same as today, so take the time to love those around you while there’s status quo because life changes often and sometimes very quickly.
-Pumped for Rend Collective Experiment’s new album which is coming out in March. (Find it here!)
-Super excited to share my latest senior shoot with you. I’m wrapping up the prep process and it’ll be up shortly!

I hope your week has been well lived!

Quote of the day: “Get busy living, or get busy dying.”
-Stephen King

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