Crossing State Lines

crossing-state-lines-blog-emilywalkerphotographySome things are inexplicable. I can’t figure out why some people refuse to listen to reason or dislike lemonade. It takes all kinds, I guess. I’ve had an inexplicable desire- I can’t stand the word desire, but it fits here- to go somewhere and do something. A vague and blanketed sentence for sure, but it’s true. Call it wonderlust or a side effect of being young; I want to visit places and experience new things. Ironically, this butts heads with my introverted-ness and general love of my hometown and accompanying comfort zone. Weird, those opposites. I could make an extremely nerdy parallel between Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit, who is torn between his homey “Baggins” side and his adventurous “Took” side, but I won’t. Whoops.

My youth group is taking its senior class to Tennessee for an extended weekend of tubing, ice skating and some all-around good clean fun. I didn’t plan on going because of the cost and it being out of my comfort zone and way far away. But then my Took side reason and my friends got the better of me, so I’m now furtively accumulating snow appropriate clothing and just about a dozen chapsticks for my trip up to the cold expanse otherwise known as Tennessee. I’ve blogged about stepping outside of my comfort zone before, so I’m excited to put it into practice again. My camera’s coming along for the extremely long car ride and I can’t wait to get some new shots.

If you have any survival tips for a cold weather naive Floridian, share them below.

Go out and step outside your comfort zone this week!

Quote of the day: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
-Saint Augustine

4 thoughts on “Crossing State Lines

  1. I am glad you are stepping out of your comfort zone and going. Although I too love our hometown and I chose and choose to live here, there is so much to see and learn out in the world. Go and have fun, take lots of pictures, and have lots of fun tubing; wooohoo! Wear lots of layers to keep warm and don’t forget to put sunscreen on your face 🙂

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