Photography Project January: Amber

Meet Amber. We’ve known each other since we were in diapers, so needless to say we go way back. She’s into Metallica and writing music, and loves the occasional fast food run. Jeremiah 29:11 is her favorite Bible verse. If she could own any pet, it would either be a penguin or a panda, which automatically puts her on the tippity-top of the cool list. Her inspiration is Jesus and she loves the color purple. We’ve grown up side by side, and I have the honor of calling her one of my BFFs.

This shoot was one in a million, with an edgy new location and some fantastic light. We had a blast, and at the end of the shoot drove through McDonald’s for some hot fries; a perfect end to a successful shoot.Amber-photoshoot-project-1 Amber-photoshoot-project-2 Amber-photoshoot-project-3 Amber-photoshoot-project-4Amber-photoshoot-project-6 Amber-photoshoot-project-7 Amber-5-8 Amber-photoshoot-project-9 Amber-photoshoot-project-10 Amber-photoshoot-project-11 Amber-photoshoot-project-12 Amber-photoshoot-project-13Amber-14-15 Amber-16-17 Amber-photoshoot-project-18 Amber-photoshoot-project-19 Amber-photoshoot-project-20 Amber-photoshoot-project-21 Amber-photoshoot-project-22 Amber-23-25 Amber-photoshoot-project-24 Amber-photoshoot-project-26Amber-photoshoot-project-27 Amber-photoshoot-project-28 Amber-photoshoot-project-29 Amber-32-33 Amber-30-31 Amber-photoshoot-project-34 Amber-photoshoot-project-35 Amber-photoshoot-project-36 Amber-photoshoot-project-37Amber-photoshoot-project-40 Amber-photoshoot-project-41 Amber-38-39 Amber-photoshoot-project-42 Amber-photoshoot-project-43 Amber-photoshoot-project-44 Amber-photoshoot-project-45 Amber-photoshoot-project-46 Amber-photoshoot-project-47 Amber-photoshoot-project-48 Amber-photoshoot-project-49 Amber-photoshoot-project-50 Amber-photoshoot-project-51Amber-photoshoot-project-52 Amber-photoshoot-project-53 Amber-photoshoot-project-54 Amber-photoshoot-project-55 Amber-photoshoot-project-56 Amber-photoshoot-project-58 Amber-photoshoot-project-57 Amber-photoshoot-project-59 Amber-photoshoot-project-60 Amber-photoshoot-project-61 Amber-photoshoot-project-62 Amber-photoshoot-project-63 Amber-photoshoot-project-64 Amber-photoshoot-project-65 Amber-photoshoot-project-66 Amber-photoshoot-project-67

Have an amazing weekend, friends!

Quote/Verse of the day: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Jeremiah 29:11

5 thoughts on “Photography Project January: Amber

  1. Very rarely does a young person realize their talents, or so I believe. Very rarelyierly does a young person express those talents. Of course Rarelyerer is a word that means Rare times 81. Amber is a Rare Gem who seems to have done all of this. I can’t wait to hear her play and sing again. I really hope she would come see us and play the cool songs she played the first time I enjoyed her talent……..I Love her so much and pray she has the most incredible life one can imagine. Amber you make me smile. Love Grandpa

  2. Emily did a fabulous photo shoot of you Amber and captured your beauty inside and out with your smiles and expressions. Emily is very talented and a wonderful friend to you! Thank you for sharing this with all of us, we will treasure it forever! You will never be 16 again and you will always have these photos to remember the places and feelings you have at this time. Amber Lee you are a precious child of God and much loved!!
    Grandma Walker xoxo

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