Family Fun

Meet my two cousins, Isabelle and Jillian. They’re two of the most fun and intelligent kids I know, and love to do impromptu photoshoots at family gatherings. Enjoy the images! girls-cousins-outdoors-photography-fun-family-1 girls-cousins-outdoors-photography-fun-family-2 IJ-1 girls-cousins-outdoors-photography-fun-family-5 girls-cousins-outdoors-photography-fun-family-6girls-cousins-outdoors-photography-fun-family-7 girls-cousins-outdoors-photography-fun-family-8 IJ-2 girls-cousins-outdoors-photography-fun-family-11 girls-cousins-outdoors-photography-fun-family-12 girls-cousins-outdoors-photography-fun-family-13 girls-cousins-outdoors-photography-fun-family-14 girls-cousins-outdoors-photography-fun-family-15

Have a fantastic Monday!

Quote of the day:  “If cousins are the right kind, they’re best of all: kinder than sisters and brothers, and closer than friends.”
-Elizabeth Enright

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