Zachary Nolen, Class of 2014

This was an amazing shoot. There was great cloud cover and near the end of the shoot the sun showed its face for some fantastic light. Zack was a natural in front of the camera and was also extremely easygoing. We had a blast talking about Sherlock (how is he going to come back?!) and Pokémon (such a timeless game). It was great. Here’s to the class of 2014!
zack-senior-2014-photography zack-senior-2014-photography-2 zack-senior-2014-photography-4 zack-senior-2014-photography-3 zack-senior-2014-photography-5 zack-senior-2014-photographyzack-senior-2014-photography-6zack-senior-2014-photographyzack-senior-2014-photography zack-senior-2014-photographyzack-senior-2014-photographyzack-senior-2014-photographyzack-senior-2014-photographyBlog-16-17 Blog--19Blog-20-12 Blog-22 Blog-23Blog-24 Blog-25 Blog-26Blog-27 Blog-28 Blog-29 Blog-31 Blog-30-32Blog-33 Blog-34 Blog-35

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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