Go With The Flow

Christmas concertI’m an admitted introvert. Books are my favorite, and I like my quiet time. There are times, however, when I purposely challenge myself to step outside of my bubble and go DO something with people. I’m finding that those days are much more memorable than ones spent sitting at home, no matter how good the book is that I’m reading.

This past weekend was incredibly busy, yet completely amazing. I second shot a wedding all day Saturday, and all I wanted to do the next day was to park myself in one spot with my cat, Netflix, and lemonade. While eating my homemade apple oatmeal with brown sugar and almond slices on Sunday morning, I realized I wanted to do something better than a Psych marathon on Netflix.

I ended up volunteering all day at a local concert- setting up lights in the afternoon and photographing it in the evening. The highlight of the evening was when I was given the privilege to shoot with the main event photographer’s amazing 400mm and 70-200mm L lenses. That’s an act of kindness I won’t forget. Looking back on the day, I realized if I had said no to the opportunities of the day, I would’ve missed out on a fulfilling time with great moments and wonderful people.

This week, go with the flow and say yes when opportunities arise. You might be pleasantly surprised at what happens!

Quote of the day: “Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.”
-William Arthur Ward

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