Healthier Alternatives

Girl-book-reading-emilywalkerphotography-2How many times do you check your phone in a day? How about your computer? I know that I check mine all too frequently. It’s hard to ignore the siren’s call of texts, phone calls, or social media updates.

My family and I went camping over Thanksgiving break last week, and our time there was semi-unplugged. My laptop stayed at home, and I only used my phone to edit and post a picture to Instagram. That was it. I found that when I didn’t have my phone to reach for, I grabbed my camera or book instead. What resulted was more quality family time, better reading and Bible studying, and a heightened sense of creativity. Instead of relentlessly checking Facebook, I would step out of the pop-up camper and go on a photo walk or start reading a book. The trip became more satisfying because the electronics were put away.

My challenge to you is this: whenever you automatically reach to check your phone or computer, don’t. When you’re bored, pick up a book, instrument, sketchpad, or camera instead. So much of our life is wasted in front of a screen (in front of which I’m writing this and you’re reading it). Get outside of your electronic complacency and make some use of your mind.

Quote of the day: “The mind grows by what it feeds on.”
-J. G. Holland

4 thoughts on “Healthier Alternatives

  1. One of the best things about camping (after stargazing) is the way it forces people to slow down and focus their attention on their friends, on the natural beauty surrounding them, or even just on a book, rather than day-to-day life’s distractions.

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