Beautiful Weather Today

Boots-FallMost conversations begin with an obvious remark about the tropospheric conditions. Admittedly, weather is my fallback conversation starter or re-starter (for a dying conversation) yet is the most absurd and simply boring piece of news to share with a fellow human. If you’re talking face to face with somebody, they know what it’s like outside, so why mention it?

Precautions thrown to the wind, here’s my mandatory post about the weather as of today. I think Fall is one of the best seasons. The weather isn’t cold enough to cause hypothermia, but you can still get away with wearing sweaters and scarves without looking crazy. Usually, the average temperature during the day here is around 75 degrees, which explains why my sweaters are covered in an undisturbed layer of dust. Today, however, I was ecstatic to wake up to 60 degree weather and a brisk wind. Florida is a great place to live, bipolar weather and all. Here’s hoping this real fall weather stays for a bit.

Go out today and begin a conversation with an interesting topic!

Quote of the day: “When two Englishmen meet, their first talk is of the weather.”
-Samuel Johnson

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