BlackRapid RS-4 Strap Review

RS-4 Strap-1The first thing I did when I got my camera was to go camera strap shopping. The neck strap included with my camera was adequate, but I wanted something that didn’t scream amateur, even though that’s what I was at the time. After picking through a plethora of different straps, I found the BlackRapid line. I was immediately attracted to their innovative shoulder strap and unique Fastnr system that keeps your neck strain-free and camera close at hand. I decided on their classic model, the RS-4.bloggity2The thing I love most about this strap is its versatility. I’ve used it on senior shoots, family shoots, and even at Disney World. I can shoot, quickly put the camera down at my hip, re-pose someone or fix a detail in the shot, and pick it up again within a few seconds. It’s pretty great. You can adjust the clips (pictured above) to either let your camera move freely or make it stay in one place by moving them down and refastening them on either side of your camera.RS-4 Strap-2The Fastnr screws right into the base of the camera for a stable, study and safe connection. I have never worried about my camera becoming unfastened or falling from the strap. The strap itself is made of a strong material that’s about an inch wide. The shoulder pad is nicely padded and is wide enough (three inches) for a comfortable fit on the shoulder. I’ve never had any fatigue or pain from using this strap, which is wonderful. RS-4 Strap-3 There is a small zipper pocket on the top of the strap that is great for small camera accessories, like memory cards or an extra battery. I found that a 58mm lens cap fits perfectly into it. I always seem to misplace my lens caps, so the ability to secure them in here is super helpful. The only downside that I’ve experienced with this strap is if I’m using a shoulder/messenger bag style camera bag and have the camera strap on top of the bag strap, the camera strap falls off my shoulder when I put the camera up to my face to shoot. It probably has to do with the strap not really gripping onto the fabric of my bag strap, which is a different and more slippery fabric than a shirt. Something to keep in mind if you shoot with a messenger style bag. RS-4 Strap-4If you’re looking for a great, versatile and comfortable strap, I definitely recommend the BlackRapid RS-4, which currently runs for $55. BlackRapid also offers other models, like ones with extra storage or thinner straps. Check them out here:

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