Andy + Liz, Undercover Engagement Photoshoot

I was asked by Liz’s cousin, Amanda, to secretly take pictures of Andy and Liz’s engagement on the beach. I was uber excited for the secret shoot and on September 28th, my sister and I traveled to the beach and did a mock-photoshoot of our own (our brilliant cover) while waiting for them to get there. A few minutes before they were supposed to arrive, it started to rain. It was one of those Florida freak rainstorms- lots of heavy rain, but only lasted for ten minutes. After sprinting back to the car, we waited for the storm to pass. While it was still drizzling, a light blue car pulled up in the spot directly next to us, which was, of course, them. In a few minutes the rain had passed, and they started walking down the boardwalk with us furtively trailing them. I managed to get into a great position just a few moments before he dropped to one knee. Andy and Liz, I wish you the best!

Andy + Liz Storyboard

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